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Click here to watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein on hotstar -!/ye-hai-moha...To download the hotstar App on you Android/iOS Device, Click here – episode 446 of Ye Hai Mohabbatein, aired on 18th May 2015, Simi-Subbu, getting engaged soonSubbu introduces ACP Abhishek to the Bhallas. Devyani and Sujata present gifts to Simi. ACP Abhishek informs the Bhallas about Shagun`s trip to Australia. Mr Bhalla thanks Ishita for her support. Meanwhile, Sujata tries to calm Subbu`s nerves. Santosh tells Sujata about Simi-Subbu`s engagement date. To know more, keep watching Ye Hai Mohabbatein... Ye Hai Mohabbatein is a story of two very different people. How they meet each other and influence each other’s life.