Mahabharat - 11th April 2014 : Ep 158 - Yudhishthir requests Bheem to burn his hands - WebTv

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In episode 158 of Mahabharat, aired on 11th April 2014, Yudhishthir requests Bheem to burn his handsDraupadi locks herself inside a room. Bheem fails to break the door of her room. Krishna arrives at Indraprastha. He refuses to forgive the Pandavas. Krishna suggests Draupadi to forgive the Kauravas. He enlightens Draupadi about the difference between revenge and justice. Draupadi forgives Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir asks Bheem to burn his hands, according to his oath. Will Bheem burn Yudhishthir`s hands? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat...Mahabharata is a high-octane drama involving a huge array of complicated characters. It is more than a story that gives lessons and teaches us on life`s morals and values. From sacred literature that brought revelations about Dharma and Karma through generations, this is the most awaited and ambitious project of Indian television, the legendary -- Mahabharata.